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We all have things that impact our lives; some are pure joy, some are a huge struggle, others fall somewhere in between. Our ministers and our Prayer Circle team lift prayer for all those things throughout the week.
Prayer is time of being in communion with God. Often, it’s a conversation, but words don’t always need to be used. It is a time of sharing, listening, responding, and allowing God to transform and connect us in the midst of our celebrations and thanksgivings, as well as our trials and concerns.
Our congregation knows the power of prayer and we are happy to pray for you. We welcome you to fill out this form. You can indicate whether you would like your prayers to be shared only with the ministers, or with the Prayer Circle team, who have covenanted to confidentially lift up the prayers shared with them. One of our ministers will reach out to you once we’ve received the prayer request to follow up and help to provide whatever support they can.

Prayer request received.

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