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Plymouth Church has long been known for its music program. Whether we sing, ring a bell, blow a trumpet, shake a maraca, strum a guitar, or clap on two and four (more likely one and three), we are able to feel the presence of a loving God! There are NO auditions to participate in music at Plymouth Church. The only requirements are enthusiasm, energy and effort. We work together to develop a collective sense of community musically and spiritually. 

"My internship at Plymouth Church helped me gain the skills, experience and confidence I needed
to competently lead a church music program."
- Kyle Ballantine, First Baptist Church, Savannah, GA

Opportunities to Share Your Gifts

Instrumentalists of all ages participate in worship playing solo music, accompanying a choir anthem, and/or adding to our congregational singing.  Younger players can share their talents in our Kids Koncerts.

Plymouth Choir is living into a new model of rehearsing and singing.  As we do, we invite all voice parts to consider being part of the choir for shorter time commitments. 

Joyful Noise is a new ensemble for children and adults of all ages and stages that prepares a short musical pattern to call the congregation to worship.   This will happen on the third Sunday of each month with a short rehearsal the Sunday before.  If interested in giving it a try, sign up in the Welcome Area for as many slots as you would like.

Plymouth Ringers ring 5 octaves of handbells along with 3 octaves of hand chimes using an array of techniques.  The group meets most Thursday evenings from 6:30 pm—7:20 pm and rings for worship about once a month.  Space is limited and a time commitment is involved. 

Plymouth Folk Revival is a band that sings and plays instruments.  They enhance our worship every 4-6 weeks.  The group meets as needed to rehearse.  If interested, contact Wayne Hall (

Sunday Choir is a “show up” that day for a brief rehearsal at 9:45 am and then sing for worship.  For the fall, Sunday Choir will take place once a month.  It is helpful, but not necessary to email the office of your intention to sing. 

Family Choir is comprised of families who sing at various times of the year.  Designed to meet the needs of busy families, music along with learning videos are sent so families so they can learn together at home.  

Liturgical Dance in recent months has made a reappearance.  We are hopeful to create a few more artistic expressions this coming year.  This is open to all ages and stages. 

Congregational Choir is the largest choir at Plymouth.  It is the congregation singing hymns and service music with energy and enthusiasm as we express our faith through music.  Whether a shower singer or a professional singer, this is your place. 

The Organ

Interested in the history and specifications for our two grand organs? Learn more about the Sanctuary Organ and the Chapel Organ.

Specs of the Holtkamp/Hemry Pipe Organ

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