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Hi everyone! Here you will find all of the resources regarding Plymouth's upcoming anti-racism workshops, as well as information about how to register. 

Wherever you are on the anti-racism journey, it is important for all of us to participate together in this series as a community of faith. We are in a pivotal moment for racial justice in our country and we must seize this moment as individuals and as a church.  Plymouth is a diverse, justice-focused church; we can be proud of who we are and determined to do more.

The work will require honesty, humility, courage, and faith. Let's do it together.


Our workshops will be led by Dr. Deborah Plummer, a psychologist, university professor, author, and speaker on topics central to racial equality, inclusion, and mutual respect. Her groundbreaking and timely book, Some of My Friends Are...The Daunting Challenges and Untapped Benefits of Cross Racial Friendships (Beacon Press) examines race relations through the lens of friendships, exploring how cross-racial friendships work and fail within American society. She is also the editor of the Handbook of Diversity Management (Rowman and Littlefield) and author of Advancing Inclusion: A Guide for Effective Diversity Council and Employee Resource Group Membership (Half Dozen Publications), and award-winning Racing Across the Lines: Changing Race Relations through Friendships (Pilgrim Press). Please click here for more information about Dr. Plummer's work and scholarship.

This program will consist of three sessions, each centered around a different theme and designed to provide participants with the knowledge and competencies for racial reconciliation and a more enlightened future in a truly just and racially integrated America.

You must register separately for each of the three sessions. It is recommended, but not required, that you attend all three workshops.

Please click here for more information about each session, as well as a list of recommended reading. 

Use the links below to register for each session: 

Session One: Using Privilege as a Life Skill

For the first workshop: Download this diagram to use during an exercise we will do together.  

Session Two: Becoming Better Antiracists

Session Three: What’s Your Antiracist Style? 

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