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Lenten Reflections – Saturday February 16

Saturday, February 16

By Sharon Midura

John 12:27-36

Everyone enjoys playing peek-a-boo with babies.  (I bet Mary and Joseph loved playing peek-a-boo with baby Jesus.)  They are so delighted when we reappear. 

Eventually, though they reach a phase in development where they understand that even when they don’t see us, we still exist.  We haven’t disappeared.  It’s sad for us, but provides the baby with reassurance that when mom or dad heads out the door that the beloved parent will return.  The child is no longer in the dark on the existence of persons and things outside of their view.  A child can grow in self confidence that even when the parent isn’t around he/she is still present.  It’s the same with Jesus.  Even though we don’t have him with us, he is still present.  –We aren’t condemned to stumble around in the dark. 

I’ve always envied those who saw Jesus during his lifetime in the flesh; but since the disciples seemed to miss “the message” of Jesus’ teachings, meeting the physical Jesus is not the key to encountering Jesus.  Like the young child, we just need to be mature, in our faith and confidence, to grow into children of light. 

Dear God, thank you for providing me the opportunity to become a child of light
so I can always find my path to you.


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