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Our Mission Statement

Plymouth Church is a Christ-centered community led by the Holy Spirit that supports the spiritual journey of all who strive to boldly live out their faith in the world in service to God.

We Are Open and Affirming

Since February 13, 2005, Plymouth Church has been an Open and Affirming congregation. We celebrate and find strength in our diversity and view it as a way to understand the inclusiveness of God. We welcome persons of any age, color, ability, or sexual orientation. We embrace those of varying theological and political beliefs, and differing ethnic, socio-economic, and educational backgrounds. Our congregation joyfully welcomes all to join in worship, ministry, fellowship, leadership, sacraments and blessings. With God’s guidance, Jesus’ example and the Spirit’s inspiration, we commit ourselves to ongoing study, prayer, conversation and action, so that it may truly be said of Plymouth Church, “My house is a house of prayer for ALL people.” (Isaiah 56:7)

We Are an A Just Peace Congregation

Since November 13, 2016, Plymouth Church has been an A Just Peace congregation. A Just Peace is more than peace without violence; it is also justice, equality,recognition of our common humanity, meeting the needs of others, remediation for the inequities that cause violence, and living with Jesus as our model. We believe that Plymouth is A Just Peace church, beginning 100 years ago with our abolitionist founders. We want to celebrate and tell Plymouth’s story publicly and continue this legacy at Plymouth Church.

We are part of the United Church of Christ

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Our Plymouth Church Covenant

We are nurtured by God’s grace, challenged by Christ’s witness, emboldened by the Holy Spirit, creating a true community.   Read our Constitution.

We are a historic landmark and part of Northeast Ohio.

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We are guided by faithful members and a diligent staff.

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