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Lenten Reflections – Tuesday February 19

Tuesday, February 19

By Mary Powell

2 Peter 2:4-21
Unknown scripture:

Some days it seems like it would be better to just stay in bed. Everywhere you turn the news is bad. Local news is filled with stories about corrupt civic officials, or kids dying in gun violence, or spouses and parents who abuse the very people they’re supposed to love and care for. National stories describe the pain of our economic downturn while next to them are accounts of gratuitous spending on useless objects. International news recounts tales of US drones wiping out families, soldiers gunned down by supposed friends, or cataclysmic storms. There is ignorance and greed, wickedness and injustice. And because of our 24/7 news cycle, there is no escape and there certainly is no peace.

But Peter tells us that peace is there for us. His second letter opens with a wish for peace and abundance through our knowledge of our God and Jesus our Sovereign. He tells us that God has called us to share in the divine glory and goodness and has given us a guarantee of something very great and wonderful to come. While the evil doers he describes in 2 Peter 2; 4-21 (unsightly blots on your society: men whose only object is dissipation all day long) are equal to the ones who fill today’s tabloids, he assures us that God rescues the good from the ordeal.

But where does the peace come from? It’s pretty obvious that we aren’t going to see any sizeable decrease in evil in the near future. But Peter tells us we don’t need to worry. He says the evil will destroy themselves by their own work of destruction.

Our job is to live as Jesus Christ taught us to live, every day, in every encounter; to be present to people, to see their pain and abandon our judgment, to love ourselves and to love others in the same way, to trust that God will be with us in everything, to know that it’s safe to come out from under the covers.
Loving God, you are with us all the time. It is we who turn from you until we suddenly cry out for your help. Please help us to know that we are in your loving embrace now and forever, no matter what comes along.

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