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Lenten Devotional – Wednesday, February 27

By Mai Moore

Psalm 105:1-15, 42

It’s very simple. Trust and follow the Lord. You have to let go of your need for control, fears and ego, and understand and respect that God is in control. Everything is on track and exactly how it should be.

Patience – this is my top focus for the last year. Part of growing up, but in order to see the Lord and to experience his blessings, I’ve learned to just keep having smiles and gratitude through the good and bad times. Know that God is watching out and we must be patient for his blessing or prayer to be answered. This is something very tough, as reality is there, however just know even in the worst possible times, God is there. There are many realities in my world, for example – being a single mom, having so many pressures and responsibilities. An example of this is one day my daughter, Yumi ran away. She didn’t go far, maybe 3 houses down, immediately panic came into my body, but I knew God was there and teaching me a lesson.

We  should be grateful for what we have, and therefore show our respect to God in these 40 days of Lent.

I pray that people who have faith in God, but need a few more prayers (including myself) can open their eyes to see God even deeper. Amen

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