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Lenten Devotional – Wednesday February 20

Wednesday, February 20

By Kathy DeJohn 

Luke 21:34-22:6

 As I prepare for the season of Lent I’m always struck by my thoughts of what will I “do” during this season of preparation.  It needs to be something big and important, a great act worthy of my preparation for Lent is what I tell myself.  Luke’s gospel message speaks of being alert, be ready and praying for strength.  I’ve always known my personality demanded my being alert, ready, on guard, sometimes with negative consequences…but reading this text invites me to consider ways in which I am living out this special call.  What is this text inviting me to this Lenten season?  My heart tells me to stay conscious, aware of my actions and their impact on others.  Am I running through my day, simply moving from Point A to Point B unaware of myself and others?  Am I smiling into every face before me?  Am I holding the door for the young mom with her arms full of children or groceries?  Am I braking to let another car into a long line of traffic?  As a child of the sixties I’ve been committed to a life that makes a difference in the world.  

Occasionally, it seems as though nothing I do could possible make a difference – how can I make my commitment come to life?  Luke’s gospel tells me my actions coming from this alert, ready, present-moment behaviors may be the answer to what difference I can make as I stand ready before the Son of Man.  It’s not the quantity of my action, it’s the quality.  Taking that moment to consider my smallest action is what I need to alert to this season.

Lord, as this season of Lent is upon us, help our eyes to see and our ears to hear the many ways in which we might serve you through care to our sisters and brothers.  We stand alert, aware and ready to be your hands, your smile,
and your compassion alive in our world.


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