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Lenten Devotional – Wednesday 20

Wednesday, March 20

By Russell Lamb

Psalm 20, Habakkuk 3:2-15 and Luke 18:31-34

Today’s society is, in many ways, defined by electronic connections.  Facebook, LinkedIn, texting, and emailing are all ways to expand your connections and friend network, to be always reachable by others and to be always available for others.  Yet while the network spreads wider, it seems to also grow shallower.  Many connections, few confidants.

When reading Luke’s passage, I think of how Jesus felt.  He is alone among friends who hear him but don’t understand.  He makes many “connections” in his ministry but finds himself more isolate.  His burden grown and he carries more of it alone as the time draws near.

But solace comes, as it often does, from the psalmist.  Psalm 20 provides the comfort that God hears and understands our needs.  And God responds!  Like Jesus knew, that is something we can depend on.

Lord, help me to better hear and understand your word, to seek and receive your favor and to be present in the moment with our friends and loved ones. Amen

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