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Lenten Devotional – Saturday February 23

Saturday, February 23
By Kathyrn Hickner Cruz
Psalm 118:26-29

This passage is meaningful to me as it reflects my experience as a member of the Plymouth Church community. To me, the phrases “from the house of the Lord we bless you” and “his love endures forever” (in lines 26 and 29) are the most significant.

Plymouth Church has blessed me and my family. Stated another way, God has blessed us, and continues to bless us today, through the Plymouth Church congregation.

The first time I visited our church I was truly surprised by the warmth of the church community—the friendly greetings that my children and I received from strangers, simple gestures such as the name tags and the books in the pews where we were invited to communicate our presence and be engaged, and the fact that the entire congregation was encouraged to share their prayer requests during the service. Very different from my prior religious experiences, this was an active rather than a passive experience.

During a time in my life that was very difficult, I was led to our church—I have found strength, a renewed sense of direction and purpose, a feeling of peace and a community. An example of how God, through the community, has the power to save us in our daily lives. And from a different perspective, it is a privilege for us, as a community, to have the power to impact others in such a positive way. What a gift! And I am thankful.


God thank you for those who remind us who we are and what is important. Help me to see and accept opportunities to impact others in a similar way.


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