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Lenten Devotional – Monday February 25

By Gail Hall
Psalm 105

I praise the Lord!
I give thanks for so many blessings, I cannot count them all.
I thank Him for giving us the ability to appreciate the many wonders of nature.
I thank Him for so many kind and helpful people I have met during my life.
I thank Him for my family!
So many blessings, I cannot count them all!

Yet, as the Psalmist goes on to name the ways God helped his “chosen” people, I am sad.
The people got many blessings at the expense of other people.
I ask why was a whole country punished for what one person did.
I ask forgiveness for the way my ancestors got our land by displacing the Natives here.
We treated them like things to be got rid of.
This makes me sad.

Lord, may I work for things I want without hurting others. Guide me to treat others as I would want to be treated! Amen


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