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Lenten Devotional – March 5

By Marisue Besse

Ezekiel 17:  1-10


This scripture is a parable about God transplanting seeds and plants to environments to which they are not native.   God then asks, shall they prosper or wither under new conditions?

When my husband and I lived in Paris for the year following law school, we were scheduled to go to Washington D.C. to clerk for Justice Potter Mellin.  Bob was 26.  We had been married four years, and still had no home or steady job.  We needed to put down roots and wanted children.  Bob (the first in history) turned down the clerkship that Justice Mellin was holding for him.  What would we do now? I prayed for guidance.  Bob made a list of possibilities. We had met a Cleveland lawyer in Paris who was a corporate partner with Squire Sanders & Dempsey.  We decided we would go to Cleveland.  Neither of us had ever been there.  Bob had not interviewed there.  What in the world were we doing?  We were taking a huge chance.  I prayed for guidance.  Bob was confident.

We went to Bavaria to ski for Christmas.  I continued praying for some sort of guidance or message.  Bob planned his moves for the next day.  When we returned from Germany there was a Western Union yellow telegram under our door.  It was from Squire Sanders & Dempsey.  It said, simply:  WELCOME ABOARD.

That was certainly the guidance and message I had prayed for.  We were about to be transplanted.  Would we prosper?  We did.  We put down our roots.  I have lived here since that year, 1962.


Father/Mother God,As we near the time of Jesus’ crucifixion, guide us to keep our eyes and ears and feelings open to messages from you.  We know that you often speak to us through those we meet and situations around us.  Help us to live more spiritual lives. Amen

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