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Lenten Devotional – March 18, 2013

By Reggie Williams

Psalm 20

“Where We Need to Be”

The hope.  The anticipation.  The joy.  The moment.   This is the moment.  You are not alone in it.  When we toil…yearn…give…receive… dance…mourn…pray…we are not alone.  God is with us.  God is working through us as we connect with one another throughout our oft-too-challenging lives. Our connection saves us.

Psalm 20 is a celebration of those challenges.  Facing them.  Meeting them.  Overcoming them.  Or just surviving them.  Our trust in almighty God assures a divine outcome even when we’ve really mucked things up.  We will rise, tattered but redeemed, in the face of difficult odds.  Knowing that, we can find the calm and joy in being Christian.  Christianity is meant to be a joyful thing.  We often forget to feel good about our God!  We lose sight of the simple pleasure in even the smallest demonstration of faith.  Why?  The material world distracts us with promises of chariots we may never drive and futures that may never arrive.  Meanwhile, everyday we’re hustling to pretty much stay in place. To make sure we get where we’re needed every minute of every day.  Only through the Holy Spirit can we find beauty in this kind of struggle.

Psalm 20 is a celebration of God’s redemptive love for you and for me today.  God is here.  Todays come and go, but God is forever here.  Wherever you are right now, look down at your feet and know this…you are where you need to be now. You are where God needs you to be.

Precious lord, my redeemer, thank you for the challenges I face and for being with me whenever and wherever I need you.


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