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Lenten Devotional – March 11, 2013

By Andrew Cleminshaw

Psalm 53

This passage’s first verse, “The fool says in his heart there is no God” reminds me of my younger self.  In high school we read C.S. Lewis in philosophy class and I spent every class vehemently staking out a contradictory atheist position.  Once I got past youthful antagonism, I still held to my “foolish” position throughout college. However, I did sense that there was something out there beyond mere earthly concerns.  My recognition of this fact took physical form when I went for long runs on Sunday mornings and made sure no matter the route to run by at least one church.  Eventually I became a regular churchgoer, albeit in a denomination which did not hold the belief in God to be an essential theological tenet.  At that time I came to a deistic view seeing God as being part of everything but as an inert unifying sprit.  It was only when I was into my thirties that I came to understand God as an active, powerful force in my life.  I credit this gradual revelation to my becoming a husband, a father, to attending Plymouth, and to Bible study.  Perhaps the journey would have been smoother and more trouble free had I started out already knowing the greatness of God, but there is something to be said for a process.  Besides, no matter what, my journey helps me relate to those whose own paths continue to meander.



Dear God

Thank you for blessing

All the seekers

All the wanderers

All the questioners

As they wend their way

To you

Praise unto your divine patience

As the foolish

Gradually grow wise.


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