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Advent Reflection, Wednesday, December 5th

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

By Kendalle Cobb

Scripture: Psalm 90

It is easy for me to get caught in the moment. Yet, life rarely makes sense in the moment. One of my biggest disappointments was when I moved cross-country to attend a fellowship, only to accept nine months in that it was not the right choice. I sat and shared the news that I was going to work at the hospital where I had done my residency. I was disheartened, and I was looking for pity. Instead, my great-aunt Aunt Leap responded, “That’s just God at work, that’s what that is.”

I often tell college students that a person should be able to tell who they are and what is important to them by their application. As I look back at the things that I have done in my life, where I am now makes sense. We cannot see the big picture as we are living. We simply have to have the courage to listen to our heart and the lessons of the journey and step boldly out in faith.

When in doubt, know that God is working in your life and that God is not counting your missteps and mistakes. Rather, God is looking for special ways to work His magic.

God of our mothers, thank you for holding each of us in the palm of your hand. May we remember that you can show up anywhere.

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