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Advent Reflection, Friday, December 7th

Friday, December 7, 2012

By Kathleen Smyth

Scripture:  Luke 1:68-79

In Advent, we wait for a tangible God. But Zachary seems to be telling us that in Advent, God also waits for a tangible us. He explains that God relied on John to “clear the way” so that people could “live without fear in God’s service.” I think that God is looking to us to do the same thing today. If so, our Advent—as we grow—can be a time of strengthening of spirit as it was for John. With this strength, our listening, speaking and doing can help make God’s “merciful kindness” a reality to others with whom we wait.

 Merciful, kind, and expectant God: Help us to embrace your Advent call. May we come to listen, speak and act so as to clear the way for you.

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