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Advent Reflection – December 20, 2012

Thursday, December 20, 2012

By Gloria Sturghill

Scripture:  Hebrews 10: 32-39

Since I was a kid, the joy and excitement of this season of the year is hard to contain.  Growing up, my family, like everyone else’s, went through all the motions as the time approached:  getting the lights out, the tree (one year we even had one of those silver ones with the spinning color wheel) and decorations up, mailing Christmas cards, making plans for an all-day food fest.  My sisters and I would try, but never succeeded, to find out where my parents hid the gifts.  We’d sneak downstairs as early as possible, certain we would catch them bringing everything in and setting it up, especially since we didn’t have a fireplace.  No such luck…the presents were always there no matter what time we went down.  Before we could get into the living room, “go back to bed” would come from my parents’ room.  Oh well.  As we got older, we stopped sneaking downstairs, but the excitement for me has never gone away.  Now it’s not so much about the gifts, but the season, being with family and friends.

In a way, it’s like all those years ago when people waited for the birth of the Messiah – the stories passed from person to person and the excitement built day after day.  Despite ridicule, suffering and hardships they were put through, their faith was strong and unwavering.  They trusted in God and knew that that faith and patience would be rewarded.  And it was.


God, help all of us remember the joy of the Advent/Christmas season.  May our faith in you be and remain as strong as the faith of those who believed in your promises so many years ago.


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