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Advent Reflection – December 19, 2012

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

By Mary Powell

Scripture:  Luke 7: 31-35




I read this verse in two different bibles; the words didn’t differ significantly. In each case, it was the final line, verse 35, that drew me in. Wisdom, it read, has been proven right, or vindicated, by all her children- all her children. Wow! How important it is right now in a country that seems to have been so clearly divided into red and blue and a world equally split among those for and against us, to remember that Wisdom doesn’t quite see us this way.

All of us, possessed of every human trait, are created in the Wisdom of our Creator and moreover, she has been proven right by all of us and our traits. That’s a tough one to handle!  It makes me want to pout and say, “theoretically, I agree but in real life, come on…” As usual, Jesus calls out that response perfectly by describing it as childlike. Nothing is ever exactly right for us, people just won’t do or be what we want them to be, and we let everyone know it. He describes us as shouting to each other. I didn’t know he sits next to me in my car when I scream at the radio or across from me at the breakfast table while I read the newspaper.  “Shouting” pretty much covers it. And while I usually don’t shout at people, I often see them as obstacles to the way I know things should be done. They are the orange barrels of my life and in this passage Jesus tells us that we, including them, all vindicate Wisdom. Now that’s something to think about.


Loving God, Creator of all, help me to be present to others and to appreciate that they are every bit as much your creation as I am.

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