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Advent Reflection – December 15, 2012

Saturday, December 15, 2012

By Norma Nelson

Scripture:  Isaiah 12:2 – 6

Advent—that period of expectant waiting and preparing for the birth of Jesus—is an ideal time to reflect quietly upon the tenet of God’s salvation referenced by the prophet Isaiah at the beginning of these passages.   Because Isaiah’  s faith in God’s salvation is so confident, he claims trust, strength, might and the absence of fear.  Further, he notes the need to “give thanks, sing praises, shout aloud, sing for joy, and make known” God’s deeds throughout the world.

We Christians believe that our salvation is by the grace of God through Jesus Christ, and therein resides the confidence of my own faith.  Jesus’ death and resurrection give me the assurance that, with my confession, comes absolution and riddance of guilt for my most egregious sins.  With such a belief, the questions from Isaiah then become: “Am I prayerful in my thanks, joyful in my praise, and doing as much as possible to spread the word of God’s wondrous deeds?”  Perhaps singing daily the lyrics of spirituals like Thank you, Lord, This Little Light of Mine and hymns like I Love to Tell the Story would be steps toward these goals.

God of mercy, thank you for the assurance of your salvation.   May we praise your name, spread the knowledge of your works, and give thanks to you for all things.  In Jesus’ name and for his sake we pray.


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