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Advent Reflection – December 21, 2012

December 21, 2012

By Norma Storer

Scripture:  Isaiah 42:10-18


Advent is a time of increased stress and anxiety for many. My worry list is longer than my shopping list. With the darkness, not enough sleep, real concerns about everything from what’s happening in this world, finances, shopping, to family members and clients in the midst of crisis, I can lose all perspective.


        Behold  JOY


I feel like the young poet, Ed Slaton, who writes:

“Shadows dance across my vision

Turning, twirling, taunting.

Leaping with perfect precision.

Their every move is daunting,

They keep pace with my thoughts.”


But then the word comes from Isaiah. He tells us to behave. Stop acting, as one person put it, as if the truth were not true. Isaiah reminds us that the God we come to know in Christ is the one truly in control and who cares not only about the big picture but also about the little things I fret about.

When we don’t know what to do next, we will be lovingly led. With truth and love like that, this Advent, “how can I keep from singing?”

“Come, O long expected Jesus, born to set all people free: From our fears and sins release us; grant us your true liberty.”

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