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Advent Reflection-December 10, 2012

Monday, December 10, 2012

By Linda Tuthill

Scripture:  Isaiah 40:  1-11




Handel stirred me, teen in a rustic town,

elated to sing Messiah with our church choir.

Music pulsed through my bones as a thunderous

chorus proclaimed God’s glory, urging shouts of joy

telling the people of Israel their dirty deeds

no longer counted against them and the rough spots

would smooth out to leave a level playing field.


These chords of assurance belonged to a far-off Holy Land, to Hebrews who rambled through the pages of my Bible,people of Zion targeted to receive good news.

After decades of wilderness travel, I come to Isaiah 40 at seventy plus, still thrilledby Messiah music. I marvel how the scripture of the oratorio has expanded to include me and you. The good news of redemption, already accomplished, applies to us.

Behold your God, Isaiah exhorts. Let us say yes to the offer and join Handel’s chorus of amens.


Creator God, you promise the incomprehensible gift of acceptance, no matter how far we stray. Help us become the people of your pasture in this era and take our place as part of your flock.

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